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the challenge

How can I ensure that I offer my product when the Customer demonstrates the actual need for the product. As a marketer, as much as I focus on getting the right message to the right person, how do I get that message out at the right time.
How can my marketing message be appropriately timed, how can I understand the Customer’s situation, and be able to translate this understanding into the appropriate and a valuable response?


Taking a focused look at the real estate business, the status of a home is highly correlated to buying patterns. A house on sale buys differently from a recently sold one. An about to be foreclosed home behaves differently from a home that is not on the market.
Most real estate businesses are still using the spray and pray method to reach a potential home buyer. How do I use the trigger of home status to reduce churn and increase acquisitions ?

the solution

Sciera big data understanding, analyses and advices on ‘when’ to trigger messages and actions, in the Customer’s life cycle and journey, to achieve optimal results.Trigger analytics builds the strategy which works on the premise that you communicate with your Customers at a time when they have indicated a propensity to purchase. Our tools analyses customer behavior to identify changes – or ‘triggers’ – that may indicate the need for a new product or service.

automating personalization, engage and re-engage with customers

Our native integrations include built-in triggers and automation, allows you to engage with users in real-time when they perform a™

scheduling reports, keeping everyone on the same page

Move from manually creating reports. Automatically schedule your favorite reports to be shared on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep teams aligned at all times.

connecting with the right users at the right time

Real-time integration triggers to take action in connected tools. Trigger a notification, to the Customer when he is ready to upgrade. With hundreds of Triggers available out-of-the-box, there are limitless ways to take action on the behavioral data.

scheduling batches to re-engage users

Triggers allow you to regularly push segments of users to third-party tools based on the actions they did not perform to re-engage users who might otherwise be lost!

automating routine tasks

Streamlining manual processes and automating tasks in other tools, for example, automatically showing users who’ve been active within the last 90 days, prioritize communication and touch-points for Customer connect, to send the perfect follow-up email to a support request. With automation running in the background, you can spend your valuable time on what matters the most – making your Customers happy.

the Sciera edge

Our advanced analytics ensures marketing to a Customer when they need you – not when you need them. We help you in aligning your communications with the needs of the Customer, which is not just more palatable to them, but also beneficial to your bottom line, resulting in higher campaign response rates and a better return on investment.
At Sciera, for the real estate business, we deeply understand the Customer journey and what message resonates at each stage. From predictive account scoring to clear insights into the home buyer’s progress through the purchase cycle. REALWATCH is the platform which processes millions of household level data and turns them into insights to make informed decisions.

With our proprietary product REALWATCH™, we connect agents to prospective customer as early into the buying cycle as possible, even before the customer has decided to buy or sell. Our platform which processes millions of household level data and turns them into insights to make informed decisions. We have developed unique systems to predict when they are ready for a real estate transaction. With trigger analytics, identify moments when prospects seek property information using one of our response technologies. We can reach and build a relationship with the prospect exactly when they need the agent and at what point.

When it comes to real estate campaigns, there are atleast four important elements that we can put down:
Target – Who you need to reach? Timing: When do they need to be reached? Frequency: How often? Content: What does the communication need to say?
Sending them relevant content like pictures of the property, or offering a site visit , immediately after the event occurs, could push the scales in your favor. The more targeted the content, the higher the chances that the prospect will relate to it, and respond positively.

As part of our trigger analytics and strategy development, we track movers in the US. Most of the churn in a utility and cable company is because of movers. The window of opportunity for this data is very short. The last thing you disconnect when you move out is your internet and the first thing you connect in the new home is the internet. We have the ability to identify, act and reach the prospect with an acquisition, retention or transfer offer within that window and at scale.