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the challenge

If your supply chain management models are based only on past demand, supply, and business cycles, you could be missing big opportunities. Making decisions based only on what happened in the past could no longer provide a competitive advantage. Subjects on targeting cost efficiencies and cost reduction can be lost. Supply chains are a rich place to look for a competitive advantage. Largely because of the significant role they play in a company’s cost structure and their role in the country’s economy.

the solution

With the power of new analytics, companies like yours, can now fine-tune their supply chains in ways that simply weren’t possible in the past. With our big data and analytics, we help you transform data into real-time, predictive insights. Provide you with supply chain visibility.

our insights make the difference

  • Our expertise and technology helps you use historical enterprise data to feed predictive models that support more informed decisions.
  • Mine data for hidden opportunities.
  • Identify hidden inefficiencies and capture greater cost savings.
  • Use risk modeling to conduct assessments around significant investments and decisions
  • Link supply chain models to the Customer, and pricing analytics to clarify the whole profitability picture, not just the parts and pieces.

Our big data and analytics help you answer some crunchy questions

  • What happens when demand falls?
  • How will you preserve margins?
  • How resilient is your supply chain to external shocks?
  • What are the most significant risks to your supply chain? What are your plans to mitigate them?
  • Where are you most likely to discover profit pools in your supply chain?
  • If you encounter a supply shortfall, which scenarios or options can help you drive SKU profitability without incurring stock-outs?

the Sciera edge

Focusing on any single link in the supply chain might not deliver the value you’re looking for. High performance, requires connecting supply chain forecasting and modeling tools to distribution models, pricing models, and even tax strategies. Only then can you dive deep into specific improvement opportunities such as promotion planning, inventory management, and channel management. The more specific the better. We help you gain operational and business insights into your supply chain and communications performance, including historical trends, current patterns and predictive analytics to mitigate risk across the business and spot new opportunities for growth and cost reduction.