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the challenge

As a business and a marketer, you would want to know how you can harness location based data to uncover opportunities and increase productivity. How you can gauge your Customer buying habits, understand patterns, connections, opportunities, and risks, what drives one set of shoppers to a particular location.

the solution

With the highest quality and most scalable location data, Sciera’s suite of solutions help industries, marketers and advertisers, form detailed Customer insights to target and measure and leverage location data for effective Customer targeting and reach. The way people behave in the real world can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. Sciera analyzes user location data so you can target users based on their real world behavior.


Determine optimal locations for new retail stores, restaurants, banks, schools, or medical facilities. Plot market potential for a new product or brand. Predict the type and mix of retail entities to maximize sales revenue for a given shopping center or mall. Understand the geo-demographic and economic variables driving growth of a particular industry, category, brand, or retail entity.


Optimize distribution systems, number of distribution centers and locations. Model and analyze brand performance. Optimize the number of retail units for a given geographic area to maximize sales and profits. Optimize the locations of parks, city services, libraries, and the delivery of governmental services.


Evaluate and optimize the performance of sales organizations? Who is underperforming? Who is over- performing? What are optimal sales quotas?
Understand the geo-demographic and economic variables driving growth of a particular industry, category, brand, or retail entity. Model and analyze brand performance.

the Sciera edge

Leverage real-time, comprehensive reporting to continuously monitor campaign performance. Easily adjust campaigns mid-flight to optimize the effectiveness of your strategy for driving in-store visits. All data is processed through our verification engine – filtering duplicate, inaccurate and even fraudulent information – leaving only cleansed, high-quality data that drives real results. Our hand-drawn, polygonal geo-fences capture Customer visits with precision.

spatial analysis lets you

• Determine Relationships • Understand and describe locations and events
• Detect and quantify patterns • Make predictions


As specialists in spatial analytics we have geo-coded over a million points in the U.S. market, precise location for millions of homes, businesses, retail stores, banks, restaurants, street corners, parks and more. This helps us to create custom geo-fences and create strategic programs when someone enters a geo-fence. We also have the ability to plot and visualize millions of points on the map at real-time. This is great for analytics and storytelling. Great for spatial analytics and targeting.


We have a strong segmentation capability which can create a engine which has created a legion of segments. We can start with segments and then filter by geo and other slicers.


With the Sciera DMP, we can bring all our segments and offline data and activate it online. for example, if a business wants to reach an upwardly mobile, tech savvy male who has moved within 5 kilometers of their outlet store in the last 90 days, we would be able to do that.


We help you translate insights into actionable targeting strategies through in- depth analysis of your customer and how they behave in the real world.


In-depth analysis
With Sciera spatial analytics solutions, explore demographic characteristics and behavioral propensities, discover places, chains and business categories your customer frequents. We help you uncover differences between your customers, the general population and your competition’s customers.


Customer Journey
We understand the Customer’s path to purchase, including the places they visited before a point of interest, and how long they stay in the location. We are able to accelerate your business and marketing strategy with insights into visitation patterns by time of day and day of week.


Relevant Messaging
You will be able to power behavioral and demographic analysis to tailor your marketing content and messaging, offering contextually relevant communication.


Action your business strategy with:


Location-based targeting
We analyze user location data so you can target users based on their real world behavior.


Reach the right users based on where they are in real-time with endlessly customizable geo- fencing.


A critical element. Leverage negative retargeting to suppress those previously reached location- based audiences.


Competitive Conquests
Influence users around competitor locations or targeting audiences who frequent those locations.


Find location-based audiences across devices and expand across quality media including desktop, mobile web, tablet, video, display and social.


With Sciera Spatial analytics solutions, you can connect online marketing campaigns to offline results for measurement and analysis.


Measure the effectiveness of your entire media buy, including mobile, desktop, video, search, and social. Gain unified insights into which channels brought in better results, be it mobile, desktop, video, search or social.


Capitalize on real-time, comprehensive reporting to continuously monitor campaign performance.


A/B Testing
Compare and contrast results by type, device or channel to analyze what works best.


Measure Lift
Integrate visitation data into campaign metrics to effectively determine the impact of the campaign on driving Customers to a specific location.