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We integrate your existing customer data with over 120,000 public and proprietary data sources to identify and generate, in real-time, actionable triggers and insights. This process strengthens marketing strategies, campaigns, and performance measurements. We work closely with our partners to enhance their data, resulting in added customer interest, higher conversion, and enhanced campaign measurement.

Solutions that Work

Covering 120M+ Homes & Apartments
Identifing 18M+ Moves Annually

RealWatch is Sciera’s core residential solution. Our real-time property monitoring capability, along with extensive household attributes, power the decision making of top marketing executives in Fortune 500 companies. RealWatch specializes in identifying property move events before they happen, enabling targeted messages to your most valuable customer segment.

RealWatch is a collection of deep data points, including basic property attributes, energy consumption score, and neighborhood buying trends. Our computing power allows us to provide a living picture of your territory. Approximately 15% of households (18M) move annually! If you are wondering if they have an outsized influence on your sales, get in touch with us and we can help you understand their significance.

Problems and Solutions

Case Studies

The Cable & Telecommunication sector was aware that movers affected their sales Additionally, it would be obvious to anybody moving that getting an internet connection is a very high priority especially nowadays. Unfortunately, there was no formal quantification of the size of this market segment to inform strategies. They also did not have a scalable solution to market to these households.

We engaged with a major cable company about 8 eight years ago and provided a quantification of the size of this market.

We found that 15% of households that moved annually affected 60% of the customer activity.

We worked with them to create an industry solution that not only provided them with an ability to reach out to these households, but also provide a solution to measure how well they performed. Now RealWatch powers mover marketing for all the top cable companies.

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Covering 15M+ Small &
Medium Business
20% of Business Close in the First Year 40% Don’t make it to the 4th Year
675K Business are Started Annually

SMBWatch provides real-time tracking of small and medium businesses, offering answers to the following questions:

  • Is this company still in business?
  • Is this a new business?
  • Is it a home business?
  • What type of business and how are they doing?

Leveraging the fundamental capabilities of RealWatch, SMBWatch creates an accurate and updated snapshot of the ever changing small and medium business landscape. With 40% turnover, SMBWatch takes the guesswork out of marketing to this sector. In addition, SMBWatch tracks changes in existing businesses, serving as a trigger in the buy journey.

With validation, tracking, and new business identification, SMBWatch powers the marketing strategies for some of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Problems and Solutions

Case Studies

A leading Telecommunications provider wondered why their performance in the SMB market was low.

We found that over 35% of their prospect list was dated. Because we built SMBWatch to be a real-time detection of a business’s existence, we were able to identify new businesses at static locations, improving the target list effectiveness. SMBWatch improved their performance metric by a factor of 2x.

A small business loan provider wanted to target restaurants that would potentially require a loan.

With SMBWatch, we identified certain changes to restaurants that heightened the potential for an external loan. We determined that changes in restaurant quality signaled a high likelihood of needing a loan. SMBWatch tracked quality measures of restaurants – review count, review rating, and recent health inspection scores, as an inflection point related to quality. By targeting these triggers, our partner realized a 10% increase in loan request response rate.

An insurance provider wanted to identify individuals who recently switched jobs. This activity would indicate that they may need new professional insurance services.

SMBWatch’s real time monitoring identified certified opportunities as part of its business existence functionality. By creating actionable data insights, we transformed their marketing strategies through improved qualification.

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Power & Gas
New & Used
Vacation Rentals

PromoWatch monitors and tracks digital pricing, offers, and promotions from the competition.

PromoWatch provides intelligence by:

  • Tracking offers and promotions at a zip code level.
  • Distinguishing limited time offers from “business as usual” offers.
  • Measuring the marketing emphasis and dollars behind these offers.
  • Identifying the customer segments the competition is targeting.

PromoWatch has been an indispensable intelligence system for our partners to keep track of the competition. Our partners have immediate insight into what the competition is promoting, as well as, where and how serious the effort is.

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