The Intelligence Behind Your Marketing Strategies

Sciera powers the forecasting and marketing efforts for some of the top enterprise companies in the world. By leveraging our industry-agnostic data platform, we are able to customize household insights for a variety of industries. If you are in need of advanced data intelligence to drive your marketing insights to the next level, choose Sciera.

Telecommunications and Entertainment

We’ve been serving the telecommunications and entertainment industry for over 10 years. We provide critical household and business insights that help inform proper forecasting, drive acquisition, reduce churn, and maximize lifetime value. Find out how Sciera can enhance your marketing efforts.


Working with the leading energy companies, we are tracking and scoring household consumption. Through Sciera’s proprietary data models, energy companies are acquiring and retaining the right customers for their brands. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we have the insights necessary to effectively support your engagements. Reach out and let’s discuss your energy related strategies.


Providing geo-based consumer buying trends is only one of the solutions Sciera is known for in the retail space. We track household and consumer buying habits by store boundary, and model dynamic trends to power complex supply chain decisions. We enable manufacturers and distributors to more efficiently stock stores with the right products during the right season.


We are working with world-class healthcare associations and medical centers to perform leading-edge medical research. Sciera’s unique ability to acquire, validate, and analyze massive amounts of data supports a number of research projects in the evolving area of Social Determinants of Health. As such, Sciera is helping these institutions make progress in reducing the incidence of some of the most life-threatening diseases through its core data acquisition and analytics processes.