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the challenge

When your challenge is the energy costs and the consumption of resources in your production, along with the challenge of reduction of emissions to comply with environmentally standards – our energy analytics, energy data management services, help you reveal potential savings, and implement recommendations for action.


And yes you have crossed the stage where your energy-efficiency measures are not only because of some green business initiative but also because you view it as a smart operational practice.

we map

Sciera Energy Analytics helps track energy costs in real-time. We map:
• The energy and power by date, time and location.
• Production or distribution volume by date, time and location.
• The tariff

we evaluate

Optimize distribution systems (like, how many distribution centers? dealers? in what locations?).
We are then able to see a vivid profile of the principal drivers to the total cost of energy, setting up an evaluation of hypothetical energy reduction scenarios that are iterated for best results. Typical energy reduction scenarios might include process modifications, on- site generation, tariff rate changes, large-load management, recommissioning and others.

automating routine tasks

Energy analytics can help determine which scenario to work on first, based upon the biggest impact.
Our energy analytics tools offer greater control and flexibility over viewing, organizing and reporting on your facilities’ energy data. Our insights help aggregate, benchmark and streamline consumption and usage data for dynamic, on-demand analysis into the variables most important to you. Armed with the appropriate tools, your company can turn data into actionable steps toward achieving energy and sustainability goals.

the Sciera edge

money saved
Move from manually creating reports. Automatically schedule your favorite reports to be shared on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep teams aligned at all times.
Transparent energy consumption
Increased transparency and reduced energy costs at your company with analytics offering energy reports, based on data from multiple measuring points. Compliance with regulatory and industry standards.
Increased energy efficiency
Energy cost savings of tens of thousands in dollar terms.

some of the industries we serve

Aerospace • Automotive manufacturing • Battery manufacturing • Chemical industry • Cement • Cranes • Data Centers • Distributors • Electronics industry • Fiber industry • Food & beverage industry • Machinery and plant industry • Glass industry • Marine • Mining • Oil & gas • Pharmaceutical • Power utilities