It’s no secret that AI and analytics are trending topics across industries, and the PPC world is no different. Although
Simply stated, predictive analytics is the process of studying and learning from historical data to make predictions. In the case
What is IoT Analytics? IoT Analytics is the application of analytics tools and procedures on huge volumes of data that
There are 4 connected devices per person and every human being is generating massive amounts of data every second of
Gut-based decision-making processes have now died an unlamented death in enterprises. Most organizations can collect huge amounts of data with
Digital transformation is a widely circulatedtermthat has taken the industry by storm. It seems like every organization wants to jump
Financial services are under constant pressure to find innovative ways to grow their revenue and assets. Simultaneously, competition is extreme
Every second of our lives data is being generated by around 4.5 billion individuals on this planet, who on an
Data is a key factor in analyzing consumer behavior and data driving marketing strategy decisions. Marketers can learn a lot
If you ask any marketing team what their goal is, you will get a unanimous answer To reach customers at