Everyone remembers the infamous United Airlines incident. One of their passengers, an elderly doctor, was forcibly removed from the aircraft
Traditionally data analytics has been performed on structured data. But it’s fair to say that most organizations have not explored
“The way that we’re consuming what we watch. Netflix, binge-watching, destination agnostic were not terms. It was about networks, times,
Problem Overview A large Cable operator, headquartered in Atlanta, serving close to 10 million households approached Sciera to help process
Within the telecommunications space, more than 60% of customer relationship changes are due to a move event. For some customers,
One of the industries to have profited the most from the advent of big data has been advertising. The flow
5G is expected to hit the market by 2020. By 2021, the number of 5G connections could reach anywhere between 20
It’s no secret that AI and analytics are trending topics across industries, and the PPC world is no different. Although
Simply stated, predictive analytics is the process of studying and learning from historical data to make predictions. In the case
What is IoT Analytics? IoT Analytics is the application of analytics tools and procedures on huge volumes of data that