Sciera implements Set-top box Data Analytics for a Cable Major

Problem Overview

A large Cable operator, headquartered in Atlanta, serving close to 10 million households approached Sciera to help process the video click stream data from its set top boxes from its video subscribers. 

Media companies have a keen interest to understand the viewership patterns of their customers to understand their interests, serve them appropriate content as well as price their products better which would enable better retention. Historically, media companies have relied on sources like Nielsen and Comscore to provide them insights into this information. In this age of cloud computing and big data technologies, Media Companies have taken the step to compute these metrics on their own after understanding that the current solutions that they are using might not necessarily give them accurate picture of the statistics they seek. 

However, the solution to this is not very simple because of the size of the data which might run into 1 petabyte a day for a decent size cable company. This would also mean high processing and storage costs to process this click stream data coming from the set up boxes every second. 

Solution Overview

Sciera’s solution enabled the company to pipe data from set-top boxes, mash it with master data to create a meaningful data set for analytics. Sciera’s solution helped the media company to roll up viewership information on a customer level enabling the cable company to provide right video packages to its customers. The company was also able to create dynamic product packaging for every segment of its user base. In the age where content is premium and every content creator is trying to monetize their original content, precise data help media companies to negotiate better with the independent channels and network producers with accurate data. 


  • Removed dependence on sources like Nielsen and Comscore for video analytics
  • Ability to segment customers on viewership data 
  • Better pricing analytics
  • Smart contracts with advertisers and content houses
  • Improved advertising return by stitching personalized Ads at real time based on personalized viewership

About Video Analytics

Sciera’s Video Analytics platform is built on Amazon AWS. Sciera, being a advanced Technology partner of AWS, has leveraged the AWS stack to provide cost effective solution for cable companies to do video analytics. Sciera’s analytic engine processes over 200 trillion rows of data ( over 1 petabyte of data) in less than a minute to provide a near real-time view to the executive management.