Comcast uses Sciera’s Realwatch for Trigger marketing campaigns

Within the telecommunications space, more than 60% of customer relationship changes are due to a move event. For some customers, this event means transferring an existing cable and internet package from their old home to their new home. For others, a move represents the most logical time to change service providers – often in search of a better price or new customer promotion. In either scenario, it’s easy to see why massive multi-service organizations like Comcast are laser-focused on these critical relationship-defining inflection points.

Over the last year and a half, Comcast has employed Sciera’s RealWatch solution to gather never-before-understood mover analytics and insights. By leveraging Sciera’s exclusive data collection and address-level move signals, Comcast can now target both existing customers and non-customers at the time when they’re most likely to make a relationship-defining decision. Furthermore, Sciera’s ability to provide these insights with speed (daily) and scale (nationwide) have helped Comcast strategize and pivot with the agility of an organization a tenth of their size.

The coupling of Sciera’s best-in-class move signals with dedicated resources to turn big data into transformational insights have yielded tremendous ROI for Comcast. Since adopting the RealWatch solution in 2018, Comcast’s conversion of customers and non-customers moving within their footprint has improved by more than 3%. With 9.0M+ annual movers and an average CLV of more than $1,500, the math is clear. Movers are a segment than cannot be overstated, and it’s Sciera who’s setting the bar for marketing intelligence. 

About Realwatch:

Sciera Realwatch solution is a “industry best -of-breed” solution for Trigger marketing. Realwatch process over 3Billion signals a day to identify “buy signals” that can be used by clients for their acquisition and retention marketing. Built on the AWS platform, Realwatch helps companies monetize small window of opportunities by identifying and acting on low shelf life data. Sciera is an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS.