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Identifying & Capturing Changes That Trigger a Buy Journey

Our Story

Who We Are

In late 2007, with the rapid explosion of publicly available information, Sciera’s two founders wondered,  “What if this can be harnessed to answer the question, What Changed?” Using the then nascent AWS (Amazon cloud), unstructured text mining, and advanced analytics, they set about creating a scalable framework to capture changes…which when combined with known client data, identifies triggers that initiate a buy journey.

Today Sciera is a team of Strategists, Analysts, Data Scientists and Technologists who provide answers to the most important marketing questions – Who, When, Where & Why

Advanced Analytics

We transform data into actionable insights. Our analysts fill in the gaps to create a full marketing picture.

Move Data

Our computing power captures critical information from over 120,000 data sources daily, providing a real-time picture of move events.


We use data to reach the right customers at the right time with full transparency and control.

Our Mission: Be a trusted, valued partner that provides insights into the unknown


Our Engagement Methodology

Understand & Align

Understand clients’ unique problems around areas of low or no visibility, and align Sciera’s capabilities to create desirable outcomes


Architect a solution using Sciera’s framework component, generating the data and insights to tackle the problem


Uncover relationships and causality that can be used in marketing strategies


Enable marketing strategies by providing real-time insights and corresponding data elements


Proven Solutions That Drive Results

Capturing Change


Homes & Apartments


Small & Medium Business


Public Sources



Actionable Insight Power


Changes to homes and apartments. Real-time and active property monitoring and household attributes.


Changes to neighborhood small businesses. Continually updated insights regarding new or existing business, and industry type.


Changes to competitor promotions. Ongoing market-level promotion tracking and performance.

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“Sciera’s RealWatch data product has brought the size and importance of move activity for our business into sharp focus. Their best-in-class move signals and proprietary reporting reveals never-seen-before insights, guiding forecasting to deliver the right strategies for business growth. In two short years, they’ve become a powerhouse of mover intelligence for our team.”

– National Telecommunications Provider


Create Your Custom Solution

Identify and generate triggers that initiate a buy journey. Measure performance against opportunity.

Know what your competition is up to – their offers, their micro go-to-market strategy.

Segment & digitally reach out to people who are about to buy. Increase ad impressions and conversion.

Predictive analytics, deep learning, big data platform to convert raw signals into actionable insights.

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